• 01/09 – 02/09. Diploma in teaching Italian as a foreign language (the equivalent of Celta for English Teachers). Dilit International House, Rome.

• 09/04 – 05/07. Ph.D in Philosophy, Final mark: Magna cum laude. Pontificio Ateneo S. Anselmo, Rome, Italy. My final dissertation was about the Russian philosopher and scientist Pavel Florensky. I worked under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Aniceto Molinaro.

• 09/96 – 06/02. MA (Laurea) in Philosophy, Final mark: 110/110. Università degli Studi di Perugia, Perugia, Italy.

• 10/99 - 5/00. Erasmus Scholarship Holder, The University of Nottingham, Dep. of Philosophy, UK.

Research skills:

Main fields of research are Italian studies, Aesthetics and Perennial Philosophy.

Extensive knowledge of:

• Italian contemporary society, politics and culture.

• Contemporary Italian and international surrealist paintings.

• «Philosophia Perennis» in Italian art and culture (Giordano Bruno, Roberto Assagioli, Elémire Zolla, Franco Battiato).

Strong interest in:

• Philosophical implications of Quantum Mechanics.

• Jung’s concept of synchronicity.

Literary awards:

• Un fiore all’Asola 2017 with the poem «Sono sempre stati lì»

• Casentino 2017 Award with the book of poems «Statue delle Idee».

• La Ginestra 2016 Award with the essay «Sincretismi dell’indicibile: Battiato, Sgalambro, Gurdjieff»

• Ettore Malosso 2015 Award with the essay «Il concetto di amore tra filosofia perenne e meccanica quantistica».

• Internazionale Multiple Visions of Love 2014 Award with the poem «Amore».

• Ettore Malosso 2013 Award with the essay «Divieni ciò che sei. Riflessioni sulla morte».

• Città di parole 2012 Award with the book of poems «Spiriti volano».

• Il Boccale 2011 Award with the essay «Tradurre l’essere attraverso l’arte».

• La Pergola Arte 2009 Award with the book of poems «Alchimia Surrealista».

• Segni e Visioni 2007 Award with the novel «Contorsione».

• Midgard Narrativa 2006 Award with the book of novels «Sogno dunque sono».


• Member of The Society for Italian Studies.

• Member of the Russian Philosophical Society.